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Fitness Friday


This was the first week back to my regular workout schedule since the move, and my muscles were definitely feeling it!
Here is a recap of the workouts I did-

Monday: 3 mile HIIT workout on treadmill + stretching

Tuesday: Swam laps like a dork in my snorkel(not sure how many, I didn’t count)
Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 1 mile warm up run + Back and shoulders workout (see below)

Friday: 5 mile run + planks and stretching


Saturday/Sunday: No workouts planned, I’ll probably go on a few walks and catching up on some podcasts 🙂


Have a great weekend!


Author: Amie

I am a 26 year old lover of all things health, fitness, and fun! I am a NASM certified personal trainer, TRX instructor and working towards becoming a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner! I am passionate about helping people improve their health and happiness through good nutrition and fun, sustainable workouts. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave me a comment or e-mail me at with any questions.

3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday

  1. This is great!! Can you give details of your HIIT workout and do you have pics of arm and shoulder exercises?

    • Ooh I don’t have pics but next time I do a workout I will include pictures 🙂 and for the HIIT I didn’t really follow a specific plan, I pretty much alternated between 1 min sprinting and 1 min walking 🙂

  2. Ok cool thanks!!! I just need new arm workout!

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