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I’m a little late in getting this post up, but every week Katie hosts a fab link-up where everyone shares what they are thankful for in their Monday; in other words, Marvelous in My Monday!

This week I decided to join the party! I have so much to be thankful for, so when I found myself in a negative mood yesterday I tried my best to turn everything into a positive!

Marvelous (Free) coffee! Woohoo!
I wasn’t thrilled to be going to work, but free coffee makes everything better 🙂

Marvelous view!
I was kind of annoyed before and after work because I had to wait for about 45 mins each way to take the bus (Erik was working so I didn’t have car). Then I realized that I was probably at the most beautiful bus stop…like, ever. So, I waited patiently and talked to some lost tourists while I enjoyed my incredible view.

Marvelously amazing anniversary gift!

Thanks mom and dad!

Thanks mom and dad!

Ok so there is no negative to this one. When I checked the mail I received a package from home! Yippee! Anyone else still get super excited about real mail? Anyways, my awesome parents sent us a gift card to eat at our favorite restaurant in the world (so far…)!!!!! We have a reservation for next week so I’ll be sure to do a full recap on our mouthgasm meal.

Marvelous sunset at a turtle refuge


The sunset was absolutely beautiful! We didn’t see any turtles unfortunately but I really couldn’t have asked for a better view!

Marvelously Random Dinner
Since i’ve only been grocery shopping once a week, I had to get a little creative with ingredients. Knowing that the only side dish we had was sticky white rice, and the only protein we had was ground beef, I brainstormed a way to combine the two. I thought about doing Asian lettuce wraps or tacos but decided to try something new! I ended up making gluten-free Szechuan meatballs! I paired them with the aforementioned sticky rice and a delicious salad with my mom’s dressing. I didn’t really use a recipe, but since they turned out so well I will make them again and let you know 🙂

Marvelously Trashy TV!
Yep. Tamera’s O.C. Wedding. And that, my friends, is how I ended my night!

– What were some marvelous things that happened to you today?


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