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Napili Bay and New Friends

Today has been so much fun so far! Erik had a work meeting this morning, and as soon as he got home we went to meet some new friends of ours, Josh and Taryn, at Napili Market.

It is a pretty crazy story of how we know eachother, but I “met” Taryn when she worked at The Sheraton Maui(our wedding venue), and she played a large part in helping to plan Erik and I’s wedding! (I say “met” because although we communicated a ton during the wedding planning process, I never actually met her in person!)
***By the way, Taryn started her own wedding planning business, Platinum Weddings and Events, which you can check out here!

Anyways, Taryn came across my blog and discovered that we had moved here, so we decided that it was time to meet in person! I immediately knew that the 4 of us would hit it off, and we headed to Napili Bay (one of our new favorite spots!) for the next few hours! I must have been having a really awesome time because I totally forgot to take pictures, but here is a picture of Napili Bay that I found on google. Haha. #newbiebloggerfail

We did some stand up paddle-boarding which was awesome until the wind started picking up! Only then did I realize how far out I was, and fighting the wind the whole way back was a pretty good workout! Luckily I have a nice husband who says he was watching me and could tell I was panicking by my body language. He said he was preparing to swim out and save me. Thanks babe 🙂

Unfortunately we ran out of time to snorkel, but I’m sure it would be an amazing snorkel spot as well! The water was so clear, and I’m definitely looking forward to going back for another beach day soon. Before we knew it was time to head home for Erik’s interview, so we shoved our faces ate lunch super quick and headed out.

Now I have a stomach ache from eating so fast, but I’m sitting here blogging/ people watching and drinking this massive pomegranate lemonade while Erik interviews.

I’m actually kind of upset because I bought this lemonade, and then, when I looked across the way, the heavens opened up and this is what I saw!!!

Oh well, live and learn. Anyways, I’m not sure where this post is going so I’ll end it here, but first, can anyone guess what we’re doing tomorrow? I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with llama’s dish mouse. I am so weird.

– Any guesses???